Media Strategy

Successful market integration demands outstanding communication, but it is sometimes the most challenging aspect, particularly in untapped areas. For many years, Culturade has been offering value-added creative solutions and effective media strategy in a variety of commercial settings and locales. Our objective is to deliver practical ideas, clear messaging, and brand positioning to help you reach your target audience.

Media Strategy

News Release

Conventional news release was once the gold standard for delivering the latest company announcements to the world. Today, the power of digital media can amplify your message, reaching a diversified audience with an exposure rate never seen before. As the communications landscape evolves, media solultions incorporate analytics, content, influence, and advocacy. We create compelling narratives while delivering media experiences that turn the market, employees and partners into allies and advocates.

Global organizations come to Culturade for public announcements and general communication to develop their presence in the local market. We offer tailored solutions that enable each client to identify and engage key stakeholders through the most opportune and powerful channels, exposing them on numerous media points including newspapers, magazines, industry trade publications, and renowned websites, as well as with individuals directly through social media, blogs, and mobile devices.

Writing, Editing, Interview

Whether it is a corporate announcement, advertisement, or marketing materials, presentations must be designed with clarity and delivered with confidence. Your content strategy creates numerous opportunities to interact with your customers, and allow them to establish you as a reliable resource for what they want and need. In international trade, communication in native language is critical, but completing with the local qualiy standards could often be a challenge.

That is why our creative team is on hand to deliver an eye-catching, user-friendly and localized online presence for you. From marketing blurbs to interviews to news releases, we provide superior copy writing and editing services that properly style your message. Clear communication results from the exchange of not only literal language but cultural knowledge as well. Valuable insight into local cultures, viewpoints and trends gives us a leg up on your competitors.

Content Marketing

We prioritize search engine optimization to ensure you receive appropriate exposure in the local market.

A majority of people on the internet use search engines to locate information and products they are looking for. Making your information easily accessible by search engines is crucial to getting your message in front of online visitors.

Our team of experts in content marketing will conduct in-depth research before developing a customized plan for your company that will allow you to consistently track and increase your visibility within your target market.


We apply deep industry expertise to see beyond the data and into the behaviors and motivators that drive customer decisions. With Culturade, you will receive customized strategic assistance to identify new market opportunities and to meet your goals.

Culturade’s promotion solutions range from online, social media, newspaper, trade journals, advertorials, events, and much more. Advertising market, particularly in Japan, has its unique conventions. Our objective is to get your business get the right exposure in the market, at the right price. We also offer promotion opportunities at events and seminars, where you get to meet
focused group of people face to face.

By combining creativity and focus, we deliver solutions that bring life to your insights and a fresh perspective. We uncover the best tactics for increasing market share growth and put them into action.

Our Strengths

Case Study

News Release for Tourists

We sent out a Multimedia News Release to tourists planning their trip to Japan so they could learn more before they arrived. Through websites, social media, and blogs, we delivered information on new tourist attractions and events to be hosted during their stay. Photos, videos, and social media channels were effectively used to visually communicate untapped places for them to visit.

For Clients in Japan

Media strategy and localization services are offered to Japanese companies and foreign organizations operating in Japan as well. Our services include corporate communication and news releases, interviews and writing, content marketing, and promotion in the Japanese market. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.