Corporate Communication

When it comes to managing issues and reputation or communicating the values of your organization, Culturade has the experience to help you craft a meaningful corporate communications program. Global enterprises along with entrepreneurial growth companies come to Culturade to manage mergers and acquisitions communications, crisis planning and response, change communications and issues.

Modern business needs are moving faster than IT departments can deliver.
As the communications landscape continues to evolve, Culturade helps
clients develop media strategies that combine analytics, content, influence,
and advocacy. We create compelling narratives while delivering media
experiences that turn customers, employees and partners into allies and

Website Design & Social Media

It is essential for international businesses to communicate in the local language, however, the challenges and time involved can become a financial burden when trying to launch a multilingual website. That's why our creative team is on hand to deliver an eye-catching, user-friendly and localized online presence for you. Culturade's website
development team includes web design, internet
strategy, CM websites, custom web applications,
online marketing,
brand enhancement and
other digital media projects.
We offer an
all-inclusive approach to creating your
so you can focus on running your
while we take care of the rest.

With the rise of social media around the world,

this key marketing tool is essential for
We help distinguish you from the
rest by conveying your
message in the local
language to as many people as possible.

Press Release (Text & Multimedia)

The conventional press release was once the gold standard for delivering the latest company information and announcements to the world. Today the power of media can amplify your message and send it across the market, reaching a diversified audience with an exposure rate never seen before.

Culturade provides wide range multimedia services. Our digital media experts provide customized solutions that enable clients to identify and engage key stakeholders through the most opportune and powerful paid and non-paid digital channels. We merge text, audio, video, photos, documents, and social media tools into a
corporate branded interactive HTML platform. With specialized broadcasting, you are
exposed to thousands of media points including news organizations, individual
reporters and bloggers, websites, financial networks, search engines and
mobile devices worldwide.

Corporate Video

As internet connections become faster, companies are now able to visualize their communications with a stunning effect. Video is especially effective in conveying your message across to different countries, as it has the power to speak for itself regardless of cultural and language barriers.

At Culturade, we create an engaging corporate video that creates a human pathway between your marketing strategy and the people you do business with. It's great to drive traffic to your website, but when it comes to the conversation between your web presence and your prospects, nothing does it like video. We develop high-end video and media collateral that sets you apart.

Corporate Identity

From standardized fonts to color schemes, your corporate identity
is reflected on everything from letterhead to business cards.
Your corporate brand needs to be defined as well as
identified with the public, clients, employees, and the
media. Culturade works with you to find the look and
feel to best represent your business in the local market.
Whether you are looking to create a new corporate identity, or
just want to enhance the one you currently have, our expert team of
graphic designers will work to create a customized corporate identity plan that is perfect for your business. From designing logos to ongoing brand management, we are committed to helping you build a solid corporate identity.

Public Relations Media Training

With consuming news on websites or apps now as popular as
reading newspapers and multimedia a must to secure
coverage, your approach to media relations is extremely
important. We help you develop an effective media
relations strategy covering print, broadcast, online and
social media.

Our practical training courses are tailored to individual client or organization requirements. Key elements include the current media landscape, how the media work and what journalists look for in a story, along with practical sessions customized to meet your goal.